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Quieting the question factory

Quieting the question factory

Remember when I proclaimed February as the month of Fear/Worry/Robotic Shoulder Tension? I thought I was going to write about the solutions—things like yoga and prayer and walking more than 2,000 steps a day. But as it turns out, I’m going to start by writing about one of the problems.

Surprisingly, one of the problems is writing.

Sometimes writing feels like being on Oprah when she gives away the cars and the vacations and the elixirs that make you look 18 again. But most other times, writing feels like running a self-indulgent marathon. In the Sahara. In a parka.

And … Continue reading

The Crock-Pot Writing Method

The Crock-Pot Writing Method

You can choose to set on a path of writing, but you become a writer by doing it daily–even when it’s hard, even when it’s crap, even when nobody is listening.

My friend Jess wrote that the other day. Jess, who sent me a message via the contact form on my blog almost four years ago and said, “I’m 21 years old and I am an English Literature Major at New Mexico State University, and I want so badly to write. I really just don’t know where to start.”

Fast forward four years and Jess is one of those super … Continue reading

Lower your expectations until further notice

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 10.22.29 PM

That tweet is a fitting summary of the past few days. Home is the place where life happens in all of its unedited glory.

“Unedited” is pretty much the opposite of what’s going down over here on the other side of this blog post. I think I have blogger’s block. I can think of things to write about, kind of, but only in Boring Book Report fashion: “On my trip home for Thanksgiving I did various things, such as watch snow fall, chop wood, and eat pie. It was not unlike the first Thanksgiving, minus the hats with buckles and … Continue reading

Dear Victoria: An open letter to career confused creatives

Dear Victoria

Victoria and I met through the wonder that is blogging and social media. Please consider this a PSA that you should also meet Victoria through blogging and social media. Her blog, Vicstorya, is awesome, as are her Twitter and Instagram feeds.

Recently, in an exchange longer than 140 characters, she asked one of my favorite Frequently Asked Questions:

What was your major? And what exactly is your job/how did you get there/how do I best go about having your life in a few years?

Oh, Victoria.

She had no way of knowing that she would receive a dissertation in … Continue reading

For the writers at the bus stop

writers bus stop

I find it fairly bold to call myself a writer. There is nothing published under my name on the shelves of Barnes & Noble. Readers are not flocking to this blog in droves numbered by the thousands. (Likely because I write about deep and complex life issues, such as my disdain for indoor pools and high heels.) But in an increasingly significant way, both my career path and post-collegiate life as a whole have been driven by writing. And as someone who stood at the career bus stop for years with the end goal being “something with words,” I … Continue reading

I need blogging more than blogging needs me.

I need blogging more than blogging needs me.


There’s a great non-profit called Mocha Club, and awhile ago they ran a campaign around the slogan “I need Africa more than Africa needs me.” The intention was to point to the fact that the lessons a person receives from Africa are greater than the impact that one person will likely have on Africa itself.

I think I need to adopt a similar mantra for blogging.

It’s well-documented (or well-undocumented) that I haven’t had much to say in recent months. (Slash… year.) It’s for a variety of reasons. Mostly, it’s due to feeling like I can’t articulate the things … Continue reading

What do you come here to read?

What do you come here to read?

I haven’t been able to keep up with many blogs lately, but one I always love catching up on is Annapolis & Company.

These thoughts on writing from Mary Beth’s 2014 Word post jumped off the page at me:

[quote]”The thing about writing is, you have to steady your heart and be in touch with your mind and soul to come up with anything anyone wants to read. And when you’re off doing a million different projects, you can forget it. That’s what I learned the hard way this past year.” [/quote]

Preach, sister.

This season is understandably and … Continue reading

Writing About Life Like I Live Life

Writing About Life Like I Live Life

Do you know what the great thing about direction is?

We can choose to go in a different one at any point in time.

Back in the day, I used to blog every day, just because I enjoyed it. I didn’t want to be a writer; I just liked to write down things about the day that made me think or laugh or rejoice. I also went through a season of posting on a strict schedule on a specific topic every day. There were times when I shared what I had for breakfast, and others when I shared only deep … Continue reading