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If you are looking at this site on its Internet home as opposed to your inbox or a feed reader, you may notice that the winds of change have blown once again. It’s everyone’s favorite time of year: the annual blog redesign!

I’ve been blogging for about 6 years. I’ve had more than 6 blogs. I’ve changed blogs as I’ve changed directions, which is to say I’ve changed blogs frequently. It sounds like a bad thing (and it is if you don’t like to annoy people/Google), but it really wasn’t. It was true to what my life looked like at … Continue reading

The Influence Network + Football for Normal Girls

The Influence Network + Football for Normal Girls


I am really, really, REALLY excited to tell you all that later this month I’ll be partnering with The Influence Network to teach a 1-hour online class on Understanding Football. Oh yes, this is happening.

Most of you know that I run an educational website for women called Football for Normal Girls. Some of you may have even gone over there for a visit! If you have, chances are good that you fit into one of the following categories:

1. You really love football and want to learn more about it.

2. You really hate football and just … Continue reading