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That’s what this calling is

People, I am reading fiction again, and it is the best.

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The. Best.

It’s not necessarily the best fiction, I just forgot how nice it is to get wrapped up in a story and not care that your inbox is becoming cluttered or that the dishes are piling up or that you’ll get an hour less sleep, all because you’d rather be reading. Reading takes priority over mostly everything else. It’s wonderful.

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A truer story

I knew I liked Lauren Venn as soon as I read her About page. It was so disarmingly honest. Her whole blog is like that – she does not pull a single punch. I’m on an unexpected but welcomed truth kick in life, so I find myself appreciating people who tell it like it is even more than I usually appreciate them.

This post in particular struck a chord with me, which is what happens when you read a blog post and find yourself shouting “YES!” in agreement after every sentence. Here’s a portion:

We’ve all come prepackaged with insecurities

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Simply try to tell the truth

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Overcome the Lie : Living on the right side of half-truth

Overcome the Lie : Living on the right side of half-truth

Logo2I am so excited to be part of the Overcome the Lie blog tour this month! Overcome the Lie exists to empower a generation of women to overcome the lie because Jesus overcame the grave. What lie? The lie that you aren’t good enough, beautiful enough, valuable enough. As they say in their About page, “We know that when it comes to you, all those things are lies and they have no power. And we believe you can overcome them because Jesus overcame and He lives and breathes in you.” 

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Live like it’s true

Live like it’s true

Live like it's true

Here’s a newly-embraced belief of mine:

I believe that I can be a successful writer with a sustainable career. My day-to-day life would suggest that I’ve been wired to love all things visual and verbal, and that combining those two facets in a way that makes an impact brings me a whole lot of joy. I believe that this can be my full-time life. But am I living like that’s true?

Here’s a belief that holds true on a larger scale:

I believe that I have a limited amount of time on this earth. It’s a pretty safe bet … Continue reading