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A simple snow day

A simple snow day

That Jack Frost thing? It continues to prove true.

Yesterday our office was closed thanks to about a foot of snow (!), so I worked from home and made this video of the day. It was just a simple day at home…and that’s the kind I like best.

Especially when accompanied by a foot of snow.

Hope you enjoy! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Keeping the post office in business since 2009

Keeping the post office in business since 2009

Harrisburg Collage 1

I’m starting to wonder if I might be half human, half Jack Frost, and have powers that only come alive in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Consider the evidence:

Exhibit A: When I came down for a week of training last month I arrived in the middle of a pretty substantial snow storm. Roads were closing left and right as I drove into town and tried to find a way to get to my destination.

Exhibit B: I left a night early after said training because another whopper was supposed to hit over the weekend.

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Snowy Blurry Christmas

Snowy Blurry Christmas

You may start sensing a theme around here. A theme that consists of Christmas…and more Christmas. And then some extra Christmas thrown in for good measure.

But good news!  I’m actually doing the things on my mini Christmas bucket list!

(Let’s all agree to not be surprised if the remainder of this month’s posts consist of direct reports on things from that list. Ok? Ok.)

We’ll start with these pictures from over the weekend – the weekend in which upstate New York received glad tidings of great joy for all of the snow-loving people. I could not have been … Continue reading