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I’m sensing a theme…

I’m sensing a theme…

You might say it was a creative weekend around here.

I made this homemade cinnamon dolce iced coffee, which was good but probably would have been better if I had actually followed the directions instead of winging it halfway through. Gets me every time.

Iced Coffee

I also made Martha’s whipped yogurt (with different toppings), a recipe found courtesy of ripping out magazine pages for a few hours on Saturday (foreshadowing). It really is the perfect plan: whip Greek yogurt with heavy cream and top with fruit and nuts, therefore justifying eating protein-ified whipped cream for lunch.

A+, Martha. A+.


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Susquehanna Style : Smoothies

Susquehanna Style : Smoothies


I have to share some photos from this month’s Susquehanna Style feature because they are among my all-time favorites. I just love how they turned out – and love how the smoothies turned out, too! Spinach Grape, Carrot Raspberry Mango, and Banana Mocha. All combinations that I never would have guessed would go so well together! Check out the Crafts & Crumbs blog over on Susquehanna Style for the recipes (or just look at the photos to feel like you are being healthy).








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