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I’m sensing a theme…

I’m sensing a theme…

You might say it was a creative weekend around here.

I made this homemade cinnamon dolce iced coffee, which was good but probably would have been better if I had actually followed the directions instead of winging it halfway through. Gets me every time.

Iced Coffee

I also made Martha’s whipped yogurt (with different toppings), a recipe found courtesy of ripping out magazine pages for a few hours on Saturday (foreshadowing). It really is the perfect plan: whip Greek yogurt with heavy cream and top with fruit and nuts, therefore justifying eating protein-ified whipped cream for lunch.

A+, Martha. A+.


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Less planning, more doing (and more pinning)

I’m trying something different this year. It’s twofold.

First fold: I make more plans than I carry out. And I enjoy the planning process so much more than the carrying out process. It reminds me of a quote I heard recently from a football coach, “Everyone loves starting, and everyone loves finishing. No one loves to do the work in between.” Um, preach. There are specific goals I’ve set for 2014, and I’m sure more will be set as the year progresses. But mostly, I am aiming to do less planning and more doing. I want to spend this year … Continue reading