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Hinterland, Week Twelve: Christmas with a real camera

Hinterland, Week Twelve: Christmas with a real camera

I’m sitting here at 10:30pm watching the Packers play a meaningless game—and it’s not even a preseason game. This has not happened in probably close to a decade because the Packers haven’t been this bad in probably close to a decade. This does not make me feel jolly. But you know what does make me feel jolly? The Great British Baking Show, which my mom and I just started watching today because of The Hype and now I totally understand The Hype.

“Jolly” is only the correct word to use when it’s two days until Christmas. At any other … Continue reading

Nine pounds of pure joy named Dylan

When I met Jaclyn, she was screaming my name down the hallways of our high school.

That’s not 100% accurate; she didn’t start screaming my name down the hallways until a few minutes after we met.

I started going to public school in 9th grade. Jaclyn was one of my first friends. From the minute we met, it was like she could sense my commitment to introversion and tried to scare it out of me by screaming “BEKA WATTS!!!” every time she saw me in the halls. Jaclyn didn’t help me come out of my shell; she busted me out. … Continue reading

What I’ll be doing for the next 2 weeks

What I’ll be doing for the next 2 weeks

Last night I experienced the poverty that is The Empty Refrigerator Before Long Trips,

which is why for dinner, I selected items from the almost-gone/almost-expired menu: hummus with the rest of the bag of chips, a cheese stick, some pepperoni, the end of the granola with the last of the milk, and a coconut water/Emergen-C cocktail.

And the butterscotch blondie my kind neighbor gave me as a snack for the plane.

It was a unique dining experience, but a good one.

In other news, for those of you who have asked what I do when I travel with CURE, I … Continue reading

I’m sensing a theme…

I’m sensing a theme…

You might say it was a creative weekend around here.

I made this homemade cinnamon dolce iced coffee, which was good but probably would have been better if I had actually followed the directions instead of winging it halfway through. Gets me every time.

Iced Coffee

I also made Martha’s whipped yogurt (with different toppings), a recipe found courtesy of ripping out magazine pages for a few hours on Saturday (foreshadowing). It really is the perfect plan: whip Greek yogurt with heavy cream and top with fruit and nuts, therefore justifying eating protein-ified whipped cream for lunch.

A+, Martha. A+.


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Susquehanna Style : Smoothies

Susquehanna Style : Smoothies


I have to share some photos from this month’s Susquehanna Style feature because they are among my all-time favorites. I just love how they turned out – and love how the smoothies turned out, too! Spinach Grape, Carrot Raspberry Mango, and Banana Mocha. All combinations that I never would have guessed would go so well together! Check out the Crafts & Crumbs blog over on Susquehanna Style for the recipes (or just look at the photos to feel like you are being healthy).








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Snowy Blurry Christmas

Snowy Blurry Christmas

You may start sensing a theme around here. A theme that consists of Christmas…and more Christmas. And then some extra Christmas thrown in for good measure.

But good news!  I’m actually doing the things on my mini Christmas bucket list!

(Let’s all agree to not be surprised if the remainder of this month’s posts consist of direct reports on things from that list. Ok? Ok.)

We’ll start with these pictures from over the weekend – the weekend in which upstate New York received glad tidings of great joy for all of the snow-loving people. I could not have been … Continue reading

Who needs inspiration?

Who needs inspiration?


In answer to that title question: I do. Or did, prior to going on a short family vacation to Maine.

I used to think that inspiration – or lack thereof – was a bogus idea that gave creatives license to complain about producing lackluster work and/or an excuse to spend more time on Pinterest. I really did. And perhaps it’s because I’m only now starting to see that I’m creative or because I’ve run my own inspiration well dry from too much busy and too little life, but I’m starting to get what inspiration is really all about.

I’ve … Continue reading