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Hinterland, Week Seven: How about a newsletter?

Hinterland, Week Seven: How about a newsletter?

This brief post is sponsored by a new idea that is actually an old idea.

I’m not sure how or when newsletters became cool again, but they are having a moment and I’m all for it. And last month, when I put together the resource list at the end of this post, I thought it might be fun to turn that list into a monthly newsletter of sorts.

Let’s just be honest with each other: this is mostly because deep down in my soul, I am still the person who wants to tell you about all of the things, … Continue reading

Links I’ve been hoarding for you

Links I’ve been hoarding for you

Every now and again when I find a link I want to share with you all I open up a new browser window and start collecting tabs.

And every now and again I completely forget that I’ve been collecting tabs and wind up with eight different windows and 112 links I’ve been hoarding since March.

Thus, today’s list of things you might be vaguely interested in.

Blog Things

If you’ve been looking for a few new things to read, here’s a list of 10+ blogs you might like from Erin at Design for Mankind.

I’m just going to go ahead … Continue reading

Pajamas and things

Pajamas and things

I had a successful weekend of freelance work. How do I know it was successful?

Last night I went to change into my pajamas…and realized I had never changed out of them.


In between the not-showering and the not-wearing-real-clothes, I found a bunch of things to share with you all this morning.

1. His & Hers Pillowcases

I didn’t “find” this one so much as I made this one, but I really liked how it turned out. And don’t be afraid of the sewing. The fact that I completed it sans-injury should inspire all sorts of confidence in your … Continue reading