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Clearly, I was spot-on

When I was in the first round of interviews for my job with CURE, my interviewer (and soon-to-be boss) asked if there was anything specific I needed in order to do my job. Was there any accommodation or computer program or asset I would find particularly helpful should I end up working for CURE?

The first and only thing I knew I needed was freedom. I needed to know that it would be possible for me to work from home or from a coffee shop a few days a week. I had spent years engineering a freelance life that could … Continue reading

The best weekend of the year

The best weekend of the year

Best Weekend Collage

On Thursday I drove out to Rochester to visit some people and take some pictures. Besides my car feeling ever so generous and continuously donating rusty parts to the highway, it could not have been a nicer trip. I drove back on Saturday afternoon feeling so abundantly blessed in so many of the best ways.

And then…I came home. And the house was empty (my parents were out of town for the weekend). And I got to do something I hadn’t done in nearly a year:

Be alone.

(This is the part where you call me a loser.)

I am … Continue reading