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A Mini Christmas Bucket List

A Mini Christmas Bucket List

Christmas 2013 Collage

I love Christmas like no other. And this Christmas is rushing past like no other. So I’m preventing January from arriving unannounced and sans yuletide cheer with a little Christmas to-do list!

1. Send Christmas Cards

I love sending Christmas cards and gifts. Like, loooooove it. But this year, I’m going to looooooove getting anything out in the mail. At all. Because this Christmas is less wrapped-with-love-and-twine and more Lightning-Round-GO!  So if you do not receive any sort of Christmas greeting from me this year…you’ll know that I failed on this initiative. And know that I wish you a Merry … Continue reading

What I Love : December

What I Love : December

Albino Reindeer

It used to be called the Inspired list. Now it lives on another page called What I Love. And I was going to keep it tucked away over there…but I love so many things too much to keep it hidden!

Here’s December’s roundup:

The Gift of Healing: One of the most special gifts you can give!

Dara Maclean: I know we already talked about this, but I’ve probably listened to the CD about a thousand times since then so it bears repeating. If you want music that will speak straight to your heart, you need … Continue reading