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Tune my heart

Thing that has never happened before: going two months without blogging.

Other thing that has never happened before: traveling through Africa, India, the Middle East, and the Caribbean in the span of two months.

It’s a pretty good trade, I’d say.

I usually come home from trips with some sort of all-consuming craving. Last time, it was for bacon. This time, it’s the need to make stuff. My waistline isn’t complaining.

Here’s a quick peek into this morning’s project, inspired by hymn lyrics I’ve been mulling over since coming home.

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Who needs inspiration?

Who needs inspiration?


In answer to that title question: I do. Or did, prior to going on a short family vacation to Maine.

I used to think that inspiration – or lack thereof – was a bogus idea that gave creatives license to complain about producing lackluster work and/or an excuse to spend more time on Pinterest. I really did. And perhaps it’s because I’m only now starting to see that I’m creative or because I’ve run my own inspiration well dry from too much busy and too little life, but I’m starting to get what inspiration is really all about.

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