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That one time I shampooed my hair with food coloring 8 times in 24 hours

That one time I shampooed my hair with food coloring 8 times in 24 hours

I tend to be impulsive when it comes to creative things. It’s not that I have an aversion to pre-planning, it’s that I go from idea to action in 60 seconds or less. It’s how the Pinterest wall was born. That was good.

It’s also how I came to have red hair.

That was not so good.

If you are looking for a definitive location for The Spur Of The Moment, you will find it in my hair dresser’s salon chair. That was the place where she asked, “What are we doing today?” and I responded, without an ounce of … Continue reading

I’m sensing a theme…

I’m sensing a theme…

You might say it was a creative weekend around here.

I made this homemade cinnamon dolce iced coffee, which was good but probably would have been better if I had actually followed the directions instead of winging it halfway through. Gets me every time.

Iced Coffee

I also made Martha’s whipped yogurt (with different toppings), a recipe found courtesy of ripping out magazine pages for a few hours on Saturday (foreshadowing). It really is the perfect plan: whip Greek yogurt with heavy cream and top with fruit and nuts, therefore justifying eating protein-ified whipped cream for lunch.

A+, Martha. A+.


And … Continue reading

Snowy Blurry Christmas

Snowy Blurry Christmas

You may start sensing a theme around here. A theme that consists of Christmas…and more Christmas. And then some extra Christmas thrown in for good measure.

But good news!  I’m actually doing the things on my mini Christmas bucket list!

(Let’s all agree to not be surprised if the remainder of this month’s posts consist of direct reports on things from that list. Ok? Ok.)

We’ll start with these pictures from over the weekend – the weekend in which upstate New York received glad tidings of great joy for all of the snow-loving people. I could not have been … Continue reading

Why I decided to take a full-time job

Why I decided to take a full-time job

Why Full Time

On Monday I was OVERJOYED to tell you all that I’m going to be taking a full-time job with CURE International. And you’ve all been so encouraging about it over the past few days (thank you!!!). But you may be wondering, and rightfully so, what happened to my full-time freelance career path? Wasn’t that what I was trying to accomplish all along?

Let’s chat about that.

Because I know that more than a few of you here are either a) college students, b) aspiring freelancers, or c) friends and family members who have followed my roller coaster post-collegiate career. … Continue reading