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Dear Victoria: An open letter to career confused creatives

Dear Victoria

Victoria and I met through the wonder that is blogging and social media. Please consider this a PSA that you should also meet Victoria through blogging and social media. Her blog, Vicstorya, is awesome, as are her Twitter and Instagram feeds.

Recently, in an exchange longer than 140 characters, she asked one of my favorite Frequently Asked Questions:

What was your major? And what exactly is your job/how did you get there/how do I best go about having your life in a few years?

Oh, Victoria.

She had no way of knowing that she would receive a dissertation in … Continue reading

Sticking with Plan A

Sticking with Plan A

Plan A

I met an awesome student (one of many) at a college fair last week. She was really nice and seemed like a great fit for our school, so I asked her what she was planning on studying to see what types of programs we could offer her.

“Paleolithic painting,” she said.

For a split second I thought she might be kidding (and after speaking to a student in full pirate garb earlier that day who wanted to study Treasure Burying 101, I left room for humor), but I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was 100% … Continue reading

My almost-future

My almost-future


The other night I helped my friend Erin set up her 4th grade classroom. It’s something I’ve done before when I’m here at home before school starts, and we always have a good time arranging furniture and putting up bulletin boards and getting everything in order for the year to come.

As we were leaving we poked our heads into a few other classrooms, seeing how other teachers had set up their rooms. And out of the blue I had a sinking feeling in my stomach, thinking about how that could have been my life. I could have … Continue reading