Christmas Videos and Unlikely Touchdowns

Christmas Videos and Unlikely Touchdowns

Below is our family Christmas video.

It looks shockingly similar to last year’s Christmas video, mostly because we are creatures of habit around here. We have breakfast, give presents, watch Christmas movies, make a big lunch/dinner, and watch more Christmas movies. It’s a finely tuned system in which we laugh/eat/laugh again/eat again, and the whole sequence takes place in comfy clothes by the fireside. So it’s really no wonder why we don’t change anything.

One more Christmas item checked off the list!

In other news, the Packers won a win-and-you’re-in game yesterday against the division rival Bears. This was … Continue reading

Non-News Flash : A Christmas Bucket List Update

Non-News Flash : A Christmas Bucket List Update

Things that have happened:

1. I (re)made fudge!


The first time was a fail. Too thick, and terrible impulse decision making (don’t put whole caramels in fudge). The second time was better, but I overcompensated. The fudge wasn’t quite thick enough to set all the way and the caramel sauce I made was a little too thin. But really, we’re talking about a mixture of sugar and chocolate and sugar. There is no bad in that.

2. I took real pictures!

Christmas Collage 2

3. I sent Christmas cards!

I have to tell you that Red Stamp saved me from sending out … Continue reading

A Mini Christmas Bucket List

A Mini Christmas Bucket List

Christmas 2013 Collage

I love Christmas like no other. And this Christmas is rushing past like no other. So I’m preventing January from arriving unannounced and sans yuletide cheer with a little Christmas to-do list!

1. Send Christmas Cards

I love sending Christmas cards and gifts. Like, loooooove it. But this year, I’m going to looooooove getting anything out in the mail. At all. Because this Christmas is less wrapped-with-love-and-twine and more Lightning-Round-GO!  So if you do not receive any sort of Christmas greeting from me this year…you’ll know that I failed on this initiative. And know that I wish you a Merry … Continue reading