Chicken, Three Ways (including “The Soup”)

Chicken, Three Ways (including “The Soup”)

Let’s talk about a kitchen victory like no other: using one thing for multiple purposes.

This is not a new revelation. The New York Times is not going to call me to discuss my groundbreaking use of poultry. This is, however, the first time I’ve:

  1. Bought a whole chicken and roasted it for dinner
  2. Roasted the carcass* to make chicken stock
  3. Used the stock to make soup

I felt like a pioneer. I never watched Little House on the Prairie, but it seemed like Laura Ingalls Wilder would have been proud.

It all started with a real chicken from a … Continue reading

Comfort food

Anne Lamott says there are three essential prayers: “Help,” “thanks,” and “wow.” Yesterday I went for a mature spin on the first one, which mostly sounded like, “Could You help me, like, AT ALL?!”

It was a long day.

Which made the presence of good food all the more welcome. In the past 2 days, I’ve eaten:

  • Another round of the breakfast of champions
  • Pho at the farmer’s market with a chicken egg roll. (Because they were out of vegetable.) (Because that’s what happens when you go at 3pm after chasing lemons at used car lots for hours.) (But
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I have a responsibility to ice cream

I ran one mile yesterday, so it logically follows that I bought two pints of ice cream today.

In my defense, it was Talenti gelato, and it was 2 for $7 at Target. Which means two things:

1. I am now the sole proprietor of said gelato. Trying to make both pints last through Labor Day may be the most labor intensive thing I do between now and then.

2. This purchase was made at Target, thus making the 2 for $7 deal all the more lucrative. I could get my standard selection (Caramel Cookie Crunch) AND get … Continue reading

Links to peruse while you’re waiting for fireworks

No surprisingly, they are all food-based. But really, it’s a holiday weekend.

Or really… it’s a weekend. Or any day in my life.

1. Fire Roasted Catering

How much do you want these guys to cater your 4th of July gathering this weekend? Just look at that pig! Oh my word!

2. S’mores on Repeat

I know this went live last year…but I’m still in love with these s’more recipes. Should you need more variety, here’s a list of 26 s’more recipes from Brit & Co.

3. Trader Joe’s Cold Pressed Juices

Do we all know that this is a … Continue reading

All of the olives

All of the olives

It will likely come as a surprise to no one that my first stop upon returning home on Sunday did not actually involve home…it involved a Wegmans run to beat all Wegmans runs.

I know they say not to grocery shop when you are hungry because it leads to ice cream impulse decisions, but the rule about shopping when you are fresh off a day and a half of flying after spending 2 weeks in Africa? That embargo should be, like, a month. Because I cleaned the place out. It was like I decided that stocking up on one of … Continue reading

Post-Thanksgiving Soup

Post-Thanksgiving Soup


A strange thing happened the other night. I made something for dinner that actually required a cooking process. Which is different from my recent go-to of Things That Can Be Made In 5 Minutes and/or 5 Ingredients.

Tomato Soup

It was so wonderful. I miss being in the kitchen.

I felt like making soup and liked the looks of this recipe for Turkey Vegetable. So I came up with something loosely based on the original recipe. And when I say loosely I mean that my version also had turkey. And vegetables!

Here’s what I threw together:

The Things In The Continue reading