Tell me something good

Tell me something good

Let’s start with the obvious: things have been pretty somber around here lately. A quick perusal of recent topics unearths such joys as shoulder tension, paralyzing questions, and lost dogs. AKA: Pure delight. I was trying to remember the last happy thing/funny story I told on the blog and had to roll all the way back to that one time I accidentally made a bomb. In October.

All I can say is that this blog tends to reflect the tone of my life and the recent tone of my life has been pretty somber. But good news! I’ve had Terrance Cunningham’s mind-blowing rendition of Tell Me Something Good on my mind ever since watching The Voice this week, and because the only part of the song I actually know is “tell me something good…” I’ve been repeating that line in my head for days. Three cheers for positive reinforcement.

So, in that spirit, here’s a handful of something good:

1. We don’t have algae anymore

I realize I’m setting the bar incredibly high here, but listen, this is an actual good thing! For longer than I want to admit, I noticed that there was a small green spot on the bottom of our Brita pitcher. It appeared to be on the outside so I decided to check it out “later.” Apparently Jenny thought the same thing, except she decided to actually investigate the situation. (Clearly, this was the better approach.)

It turns out that the something green was algae. Algae, the stuff that grows in fish tanks and lakes. Not only that, it was algae inside the pitcher. In the water we drink. Every day.

I really can’t even with this. I’m waiting to sprout gills.

The internet attributes this science experiment to having the pitcher in too much direct sunlight. And while there are plenty of things the internet is wrong about, this isn’t one of them. So basically you should pause here and move your Brita pitcher out of the sun right now, just as a precautionary measure.

2. The sun came out yesterday

If this winter had a color palette, it would be Excessively Gray. I might be the resident snow lover, but even I feel like this has been the longest winter ever. There hasn’t been a lot of snow or a lot of sun or a lot of anything except for every imaginable shade of brown and gray. Seeing the sun, no matter how not-warm it is outside, feels like a victory.

Even if it’s already gray again now.

3. It was 60 degrees at 8pm last night

Somehow, the day got much warmer after the sun went down. I went for a walk and it felt like an early summer night and it was entirely wonderful. Come quickly, actual spring.

4. The Ministry of Getting Out Of Town is a real thing

My mom and Jenny and I went to NYC last weekend and it was also entirely wonderful, mostly because it was a place other than Harrisburg. (This is less a reflection of Harrisburg and more a reflection of The Longest Winter Ever.) And the sun came out then, too! Possibly even better than the sun: my mom’s reaction to seeing The Naked Cowboy for the first time. (Who, for the more gentle readers among us, is not actually naked. Although judging by my mom’s face, you wouldn’t have known the difference.)

Another something good from that trip home: hanging out with Dylan, whose funny face skills can be seen in the header photo above and whose current favorite joke is, “What do you do if you get swallowed by an elephant? Run around until you’re all pooped out!”

Kids. Always something good.

5. I like television! Take THAT!

Admitting that you actually like television feels like a shameful, slothful thing because no one gets to the end of life and says, “I wish I had watched more Gilmore Girls.” Listen, I get it. I, too, do not want to get to the end of life with memories of nights spent watching The Office and little else. But do you know what I love in moderation—the same as I love coffee in moderation and cookies in moderation and basically every good thing in moderation? Television. And do you know what has been a veritable lifeboat during The Longest Winter Ever? Television! And I’m not even kind of mad about it.

6. I bought new running shoes in the hopes of actually using them

Picking up running again is kind of a non-negotiable for me this spring. Partly because of the aforementioned affection for television and partly because my primary job responsibility is sitting at my computer for hours at a time. Also, my brain goes off the rails when I’m not moving forward (literally and figuratively) in some capacity. So in an effort to guilt myself into running, I bought new running shoes for the first time in many years and I’m telling you about it to add one extra layer of accountability.

7. My birthday is coming up

I’m usually not a big birthday person, but thanks to The Longest Winter Ever, I feel like I need a milestone that kicks off a fresh start. I’ve always liked having an April birthday, but this year it feels like something particularly good.

Has this felt like The Longest Winter Ever for anyone else? Any something(s) good to report?

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  • It is quite possible that I will reach the end of my life and wish I’d spent more time watching Star Trek.

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