A confession, an update

A confession, an update

First, a confession.

I wrote a whole blog post about letting go and in that blog post, I used the illustration of hanging onto your Christmas tree for too long. I knew when I wrote it that it was a really bad idea to use that analogy because I adored our Christmas tree this year.

Which is why I am currently sitting on the couch, starring at our Christmas tree… on January 28th. She’s been camped out in the living room for nearly two entire months and is looking more and more like a shriveled up tree ghost every day.

You may be wondering how I know our tree is a she. I know because I named her Daphne. And if you are looking for a way to ensure that you will struggle to let go of an inanimate object, you should probably name it.

Daphne: The Early Years

But the time has come. I mean… it’s almost February and Daphne is more of a fire hazard than a fond memory at this point. So whatever. I’m sure we’ll all enjoy the fresh start and fill the corner with something new and blah blah blah all of the other things I thought were good ideas.

At least now you all know the truth. I’m a blog liar.

But not always! There were a bunch of things I wanted to do to party like a Puritan this month and a lot of them really happened.

1. Interview my parents: This is still happening! I have no idea why it took me so long to get my act together, but it feels so good to know that this is a good idea rather than to wonder what would happen if I actually followed through with it.

2. The kitchen: Similar to tackling one thing every month, I’m trying to tackle one room every month and downsize it as much as possible. January’s nominee was the kitchen. It took the better part of a weekend to sort through every item, evaluate its Place In This World, and reassign it to a place that made sense. Often, that place was a garbage can (because we agreed on a zero tolerance policy for expired things) or the donation bin (because all of the things). It was an endeavor, but as per almost everything requiring effort, it was so worth the effort. We made some minor improvements (like hanging hooks for dish towels and upgrading to glass containers from Where’s The Lid To This? Rubbermaids from 2004) and have a few others still in the works, but the best part is knowing that everything in the kitchen lives there for a reason… and we actually know where everything lives. It’s amazing.

3. Start a compost pile: Technically, we’ve started a compost bin. The pile itself hasn’t quite been established yet. But still, this was a nice step in the waste less direction.

4. Use recipes from the cookbooks I already have: Aside from the obvious attachment-to-inanimate-objects issue, I also have a small issue with cookbooks. I love cookbooks. I love going to the bookstore for the sole purpose of perusing new cookbooks. I love reading them cover-to-cover. I love buying them and planning to cook through them. But therein lies the problem: I rarely cook through them. When I need a recipe I usually go to the internet first, which feels like a colossal fail. So in keeping with spending less/using what I already have, I’m actually using my cookbooks. Today I made the almond pear cake in the header photo and it was wonderful. (Except for that one time I preheated the oven with two sticks of butter inside.)

So there you have it. January is almost over. On one hand, I still have a Christmas tree. On the other, I have stories and a clean kitchen and compost and cake. So I feel like we’re basically even, right?

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