For Monday morning angst

For Monday morning angst

Some may say I’ve been a little angsty this week, and some would be right. It’s one part cabin fever and one part jittery restlessness and one part What Am I Even Doing With My Life, Episode 107. As of yesterday, it’s also one part Is It Still 2017? because the Jaguars are not going to their first Super Bowl and the Patriots are going to their first Super Bowl since last year.

And if we really want to deep dive into the angst, we can discuss the fact that I took this time off in part to spend more time writing and somehow, I’m writing this post on Monday morning because somehow, personal writing is still getting relegated to mornings/nights/weekends.

I can’t even.

But you know who else can’t even? Olive.

Olive is my roommate Jenny’s dog. (You may remember her from that one time(s) she was a diva.) She is unapologetically angsty because she is essentially a teenager—in dog years and in personality. She is obsessive and irrational and consistently paranoid that everyone is hanging out without her.

Nothing quite demonstrates Olive’s commitment to teenage angst more than the process of going to bed every night. The prospect of getting up from where she is currently sleeping, going outside to go to the bathroom, and coming back in to go to her actual bed for the night is more than she can bear.

At this point I could go into a point-by-point assessment of dog vs. teenage vs. adult angst, use angst as a metaphor, or list a variety of ways to turn the angsty corners in our lives, but I’m not going to do any of those things. 1) Because it’s angst, and as every 14-year-old knows, it passes. But also because 2) It’s Monday, people. And I think what we all need more than plucky optimism is a little bit of disgruntled solidarity and something to laugh at.

Thus, I give you one of my favorite videos of all time: Olive’s Bedtime Angst.

I took this the other night after most of the lights had been turned out, which is why you can’t see anything. If you could see something, you would see Olive outstretched on the couch, eyes closed, 90% asleep. Really, though, all of that pales in comparison to what you can hear:

She totally gets it.

And on that note, Happy Monday, everyone. Go forth and angst if you need to and not if you don’t, but if you do, at least you know you’re not alone.

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