Hinterland, Week Seven: How about a newsletter?

Hinterland, Week Seven: How about a newsletter?

This brief post is sponsored by a new idea that is actually an old idea.

I’m not sure how or when newsletters became cool again, but they are having a moment and I’m all for it. And last month, when I put together the resource list at the end of this post, I thought it might be fun to turn that list into a monthly newsletter of sorts.

Let’s just be honest with each other: this is mostly because deep down in my soul, I am still the person who wants to tell you about all of the things, but I don’t want to go back to blogging about every single thing every single day. Those posts only exist as internet blackmail and fodder for my future memoir, I Fought The Blog and the Blog Won.

But I would like a catch-all for some of the more miscellaneous things that still feel like pertinent and exciting things. Because even though I’m very much enjoying my current location of Hinterland, I’m still very committed—in actuality and in namesake—to olive the things.

So as a happy middle ground, there will be a November newsletter, and just like Thanksgiving, it will probably be filled with too much food. As Demi Lovato would say, “Baby, I’m sorry. (I’m not sorry.)”

Things you can expect to find in the November newsletter:

  • An instructional guide to making the best popcorn of your life. (It’s a bold statement, but multiple reviewers will back me up on this.)
    • (Side note: I legitimately put “good at popcorn” in my current resume. I really did. Priorities > Professionalism.)
  • Possibly the oatmeal in the header photo?
  • Too much food. It’s already proving itself to be true. Let me go ahead and cut one potential item from the list by telling you that I made this chicken pot pie earlier this week and you should probably consider making it too if only for the smell of shallots and thyme simmering in butter. I can’t even.
  • Links to the movies/books/blogs/videos/etc that made November nicer, like the commercial for the winter Olympics that made me cry and the podcast I put on every single time I’m in the car for more than five minutes.
  • Actual writing? Your guess is as good as mine, but let’s say probably yes.

If this sounds like something you want to receive in your inbox, awesome! You can sign up here:

If this does not sound like something you want to receive in your inbox, don’t sign up here! This is a no-pressure situation, truly.

(Except I still really want you to have that recipe for the best popcorn of your life, so maybe just email me about it.)

P.S. Is there something specific you’d like to see in the newsletter this month or any month? Leave a comment if so! 

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