On small changes

On small changes

We’ve been on a bit of a Fixer Upper kick around here. I was watching the show one day, which intrigued one of my roommates, who then watched more episodes and read The Magnolia Story and went on a pilgrimage to Waco (and/or she was already going there and the Silos just happen to be there too… basically the same thing.) My other roommate is Chip Gaines. So home improvement vibes have abounded as of late.

We’ve been talking about painting the living room for a long time, but starting to paint is kind of like starting to work out. It only happens when you set five alarms and go to sleep in your gym clothes. You have to propel yourself into action before you talk yourself out of it, which is basically what we did last weekend. We decided to paint on Saturday night and were covered in paint by Sunday afternoon.

We already had the paint. We already had most of the things that you need to paint, including this super-soaker-esque extendable paint roller with a tube that fills with paint so you don’t have to go back and reload a hundred* times.

*”A hundred” is the approximate number of years it takes to clean out the paint roller, but it’s nice while the convenience lasts. 

Jenny (Chip) built a new coat rack and a new light fixture. I organized and rearranged. We bought a handful of helpful things, like baskets and a wreath and a candle, but for the most part, the only thing we had to spend was a couple of days and a little bit of work to make our home nicer.

And it really is so much nicer.

I’ve been thinking a lot about small changes lately, and especially about how it’s so easy to forget that we get to make them. We get to say things like, “Let’s use the paint that’s already downstairs and fill this random super soaker brush from the basement and go to HomeGoods and find a wreath and feel a little bit more at home in our home.”

We get to choose a hundred thousand things just like that—getting up early to have coffee and not rush, reading, going outside instead of watching the outside from inside, eating ice cream because it’s Tuesday—anything we want! Because we actually get to choose what we want in life.

There are a bunch of reasons why I’ve forgotten that, but I’ve forgotten it all the same, and I’m glad for visible small changes like this one to remember what choosing something better looks like.

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