Dear Two People Who Still Read This Blog

Dear Two People Who Still Read This Blog

Thank you for being long-suffering. You deserve a medal.

Also… and this will not be an unfamiliar headline… I’m going to try something new! Except this one does not involve a new website, new career, or new geographic location.


In the spirit of I Don’t Know What To Write Here Anymore But I Know I Need To Write Something Because I’m Going A Little Crazy, I’m going to try writing letters. Not like a Jane Austen character. I’m not going to sit at a dimly lit desk and pen individual letters late at night with a feather for a pen.

But I am going to start writing letters here, to a variety of recipients:

Dear Adult Who Went Home For The Holidays

Dear Every Driver In Pennsylvania Who Cannot Merge

Dear Person Who Wants To Know How To Circumnavigate The Globe In Two Weeks While Losing Your Luggage But Keeping Your Sanity

Dear Introverted Teenager Who Doesn’t Even Kind Of Fit Into Your Church’s Youth Group

Dear Teething Puppy

Those kinds of letters.

I’m writing letters because, while I do have an interest in sharing everyday life with all of you, I’ve had a constant disinterest in talking about myself on a website named after me. Nothing about that is appealing anymore. Not even kind of. The prospect of sharing life in letters to other people, places, and things, though, is something I can get behind.

So, first things first, I changed the name of the blog to Olive The Things (loosely explained here). I haven’t changed the actual URL because that requires more work than I’d like to do right now. I also wanted to spare all of us from having to do yet another blog subscription change. We’ve been there and done that approximately 87 times before.

I wanted to write this first letter to the two of you because you’ve been here for the long haul. You’ve been faithful through every wonderful and terrible iteration of this space on the internet, without complaint. I have no idea how you’ve done it.

Don’t tell the others, but you’re my favorites.

Thanks for sticking around. I promise not to promise not to disappoint you because, really, let’s just pause and look at my track record.

(Or maybe let’s skip that part.)

For now, I’m just glad to be writing something today and glad for a chance to write other things on other days. Also, it snowed today, which feels as good a time for a fresh start as any.

Thanks again for being here. I’m so glad you are. See you sometime :)

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  • I just found your blog and I am 2 for 2 posts for cracking up. My middle school self could have thrived from reading “Dear Introverted Teenager Who Doesn’t Even Kind Of Fit Into Your Church’s Youth Group”!!

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