There was a time in the now-distant past in which I used to keep up with a fairly high volume of blogs. Google Reader (RIP) was my second inbox and somehow, I hit inbox zero on a regular basis. And while it may sound like a completely ridiculous thing, it was actually a truly lovely thing in which I got to know a lot of truly lovely people  – several of whom crossed over from Internet Life into Real Life.

Kate Conner is not someone I know in real life. I know her only from reading her blog for the past… six? seven years? Somewhere in the Long Term Commitment range of blog reading. And even though I don’t actually know Kate, she writes about real life so well that I feel like I know her. I get her sense of humor. I felt all the things for her when she shared The News. I was overjoyed to be part of, as she described it, “this weird 2015 thing that is an ‘internet tribe.'” Sharing real life experiences with a person you don’t know in real life is one of the strangest and most beautiful things about blogging, I think.

Recently, Kate shared that her daughter Madeline – her champion of a daughter who has already faced significant challenges – was diagnosed with leukemia. Because sometimes life is the actual worst.

She started a blog, Madeline the Hope Giver, and has been posting updates there and to @madelinethehopegiver on Instagram. If you’re looking for a little hope (or to give a little hope), I’d highly recommend following along.

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