Greetings from the Old-Testament-Style Blogging Drought

Remember a year and a half ago when I told you to lower your expectations until further notice? Apparently I wasn’t kidding. What began as a blogging dry spell became a blogging drought of biblical proportions. The reasons are plentiful and the chances are good that someday, I’ll unpack them (because we all know how much I love a good reflection post).

But for now, you should know that, just as I mentioned way back when in December 2014, I’m going to publish this lackluster post. And unlike December 2014, I plan to publish another one before a full calendar year passes.

I’m not good at writing from my own perspective right now. You know what else I’m not good at right now? Running. Because, much like this sad empty space on the internet, I’ve run a grand total of Hardly At All times since moving to Pennsylvania.

But I’m starting to run again, because I feel better about life when I do. And even though “running” currently contains “air quotes” and looks like 20 minutes of Intervals For The Elderly, I’m doing it.

And even though this blog post is the written equivalent of my current running prowess, I’m pressing publish anyway. Because remembering how to write about my own life is probably a thing that’s going to happen one unfortunate, out-of-shape post at a time.

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