Today in links

Every once in awhile I stumble on a veritable deluge of things I feel should be shared with the world immediately if not sooner. Today is one of those whiles.

  • Many years ago, in a world before Pinterest, there was a tangible entity called an “inspiration board.” It was a thing of beauty. Thankfully, they’ve made a comeback in this appearance on Martha Stewart’s blog.
  • Just when you think the Internet can’t get any better, you find a website like Coffee Cup Fortunes.
  • Speaking of coffee – two things. 1. This morning I was eating breakfast and felt like something was missing. I soon realized that I had forgotten to make coffee. Extensive research is underway as to what spirit has possessed my body, since I am clearly not myself. 2. I’ve decided that my new life plan is Sleep Through The Alarm And See What Happens! so I’m thinking that buying this coffee maker alarm clock is really the only logical thing I can do to get back on a schedule that does not make me feel like a contestant on the morning edition of the Amazing Race.
  • I’ve never wanted to hug a character in a commercial quite as much as I want to hug this idea. Well done, GE marketing team.
  • Remember Victoria? She just had an article published on Manrepeller and you should absolutely go check it out sooner than as soon as possible.
  • I can’t believe I’m just now learning that airbnb is a thing. I will be making good use of it in the future to make up for lost time.
  • Today in music recommendations: The Red Headed Indian, Little Chief, Brandi Carlile.
  • Today in Instagram recommendations: Jess Cudzilo, Steve Carter, Haleiwa Bowls.
  • Today in Books I Can’t Wait To Be Released: Scary Close
  • Today in Places I Would Like To Return To: Maine, New York City, San Diego.
  • Today in Store I Want To Move Into: Trohv.
  • I don’t think I’ve ever purchased a brand new piece of furniture – or at least not one that cost more than $20. But that streak might come to an end soon because I saw this orange chair in Ikea and instantly fell crazy in love. SO crazy in love.

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