I have a responsibility to ice cream

I ran one mile yesterday, so it logically follows that I bought two pints of ice cream today.

In my defense, it was Talenti gelato, and it was 2 for $7 at Target. Which means two things:

1. I am now the sole proprietor of said gelato. Trying to make both pints last through Labor Day may be the most labor intensive thing I do between now and then.

2. This purchase was made at Target, thus making the 2 for $7 deal all the more lucrative. I could get my standard selection (Caramel Cookie Crunch) AND get the exclusive-to-Target Hazelnut I’ve been wanting to try for months.

Let me tell you: it was worth every single calorie I didn’t burn off in 8 minutes of running 24 hours ago. The Hazelnut?! Oh my word. Symphonies have been composed on lesser inspiration. It’s so good. So, so good.

Really, I’m counting this purchase and the multiple additional ice cream purchases made since returning home from Africa as counteracting a veritable ice cream drought experienced in recent months. It’s not so much that I’ve bought more ice cream in a week and a half than I have since April, it’s that I’m catching up.

It’s what responsible people do.

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