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I knew I liked Lauren Venn as soon as I read her About page. It was so disarmingly honest. Her whole blog is like that – she does not pull a single punch. I’m on an unexpected but welcomed truth kick in life, so I find myself appreciating people who tell it like it is even more than I usually appreciate them.

This post in particular struck a chord with me, which is what happens when you read a blog post and find yourself shouting “YES!” in agreement after every sentence. Here’s a portion:

We’ve all come prepackaged with insecurities and fears and perceived shortcomings. We picked them up along the way through faulty parents, from wrong relationships, from misguided belief systems. We’ve learned to be polite and not tell people that life sucks right now. We’ve been taught to shut ourselves tight, steeling ourselves against the possibility of being maligned or judged.

But in the last few years it’s kind of hip to say we have “issues.” We’ll admit to the benign, socially acceptable issues like “I have a shoe issue or I have an issue eating too much chocolate or watching reality TV.” But you never walk into a cocktail party and hear someone break the ice by saying, “I have a fear issue.” It’s cool to be transparent and open, but no one is REALLY going there.

I cannot tell you how refreshing it was to sit with strangers and tell them, “my husband died of a heroin overdose.” Fear welled up within me when they asked how he died. For a split second, I contemplated lying and saying he died in an accident, not wanting to go THERE with the whole addiction thing. But I decided to tell the freaking truth and it literally changed the atmosphere and opened all of us to speaking further truths.

If you are looking for a little more truth and a little less fluff in life, you should probably go read the rest of that post as soon as possible. It’s a gem.

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