If you are looking at this site on its Internet home as opposed to your inbox or a feed reader, you may notice that the winds of change have blown once again. It’s everyone’s favorite time of year: the annual blog redesign!

I’ve been blogging for about 6 years. I’ve had more than 6 blogs. I’ve changed blogs as I’ve changed directions, which is to say I’ve changed blogs frequently. It sounds like a bad thing (and it is if you don’t like to annoy people/Google), but it really wasn’t. It was true to what my life looked like at the time; I was trying out different directions.

The most recent rendition of this website went live about a year ago. It was more of a one-stop-shop portfolio than a personal blog, which was what I needed at the time. But that style doesn’t fit my life anymore. I mean, just read these snippets from my former About page:

I write about life and faith and a lot of things in between. When I’m not writing here, you can find me at Football for Normal Girls, a blog for women who don’t want to hate their lives every in-season Sunday. […] You can also find me at CURE International, where I work full-time as the Content Coordinator. […] And when I’m not here or writing about football or writing about kids finding healing, chances are good that I’m working as a freelance writer and photographer. I create monthly blog posts for Susquehanna Style’s Crafts and Crumbs blog, manage the social media for the Capital District Vitality Center, and take any other opportunity to write or create that presents itself.

Aside from an indictment of my propensity to try and do all the things, that list contains a lot of things I was doing to figure out which way to go and one thing that turned out to be the actual way to go. I’m working full-time for CURE right now. That is the thing I am doing, and I am loving it. One by one, I’ve slowly let go of everything else on the list.

This redesign reflects that transition, in more ways than just career.

You may notice that the website looks a good bit lighter than any other I’ve ever had. There are no extra pages, no portfolios, not even a static homepage. There are only the essentials, and even they are simply stated.

That’s kind of what my life looks like right now. I’m focusing on a very small group of essentials and going all-in. I’m committing to one job. I’m investing in a small circle of permanent people. I’m figuring out how to do a few things well instead of trying to do everything.

Instead of being seven paragraphs long, my current About page is not even as many sentences long. It’s brief. Even still, it features a mission statement of sorts for the next chapter of blogging: I write this blog to tell true stories of everyday life and how much I love it. Some days that will look like not-so-thinly-veiled enthusiasm, as per my profile picture. On others it may look like the opposite. Posts may include less words and more sharing of good music/food/reads. Posts may also reflect my usual style, which is just shy of dissertation length.

The defining aspect of this season in blogging will be sharing whatever is true about everyday life. That essential element, similar to the rest, feels a lot like freedom.

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