All of the olives

All of the olives

It will likely come as a surprise to no one that my first stop upon returning home on Sunday did not actually involve home…it involved a Wegmans run to beat all Wegmans runs.

I know they say not to grocery shop when you are hungry because it leads to ice cream impulse decisions, but the rule about shopping when you are fresh off a day and a half of flying after spending 2 weeks in Africa? That embargo should be, like, a month. Because I cleaned the place out. It was like I decided that stocking up on one of everything was a really good idea, and maybe two of some things just for kicks. Or a dozen! I mean, why not? So the good news is that my fridge is now stocked for Armageddon. The bad news is that I spent the majority of my grocery budget for May.

Among the haul was goat cheese and feta and olives and olives stuffed with feta and olive tapenade hummus and pita chips. Because apparently I went to Africa and came back Mediterranean.

For reasons unknown, I have been dreaming about Mediterranean food for weeks. Literally. (Rochester natives, do me a favor and go have lunch at Aladdin’s in Pittsford today. Hummus platter + fattoush salad.) (And while you’re at it, go to Simply Crepes and get the Simply Strawberry crepe for dessert afterward.) (And to the Village Bakery for coffee after that, because that would really complete the trifecta.) At one point during the flight home, I had a vivid dream about smashing garlic cloves and chopping up sun dried tomatoes for a sautéed penne dish with olives and feta and pine nuts. That I just spent two of the best weeks of my life doing meaningful work in Africa and somehow still returned home dreaming about pasta should raise some serious questions about where my priorities lie, but we’re just going to go with it.

And after I came home with enough food to feed all of Greece, I sat on the floor with the windows and doors open and basked in the glory of this simple yet highly anticipated welcome home meal.

2014-05-11 17.16.31

Olive day, every day.

It’s good to be back!

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