Pajamas and things

Pajamas and things

I had a successful weekend of freelance work. How do I know it was successful?

Last night I went to change into my pajamas…and realized I had never changed out of them.


In between the not-showering and the not-wearing-real-clothes, I found a bunch of things to share with you all this morning.

1. His & Hers Pillowcases

I didn’t “find” this one so much as I made this one, but I really liked how it turned out. And don’t be afraid of the sewing. The fact that I completed it sans-injury should inspire all sorts of confidence in your own ability to sew like a champ.

2. White as Snow Print

A beautiful free download from Lindsay Letters!

3. Some Pig

I had a strong inclination to hit “Mark All as Read” in an effort to clear out the 1000+ items hanging out in my Feedly…but resisted the urge and sifted through a few favorites first, which is what I usually do. Melanie Shankle won for making me laugh the hardest, which is what she usually does.

4. 2013 Season in Pictures

Proactive self care: I knew I would be in the depths of first-weekend-without-football despair on Sunday, so I scheduled this to be sent to my inbox about a month ago. There was much rejoicing when it arrived.

5. Our Day

I’ve always wondered how people with kids – especially those who homeschool their kids! – blog on a regular basis and still manage to stay sane. This is how.

6. I Miss My Actual Life

Girl. PREACH. I may not be jet-setting around the country to speak at conferences, but I completely understand the sentiment of missing the normal moments of your actual life due to overcommitment.

What did you guys do this weekend? Anyone else in the all-day pajama club?

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