What I Love : February

What I Love : February

It’s that time again! Here’s what I’m loving in February:

Welcome to Paris // This blog post will dramatically change the way you think about what matters and how to spend your time accordingly. All-time favorite from Seth Godin.

The Road That Changed Everything // Phenomenal video from charity: water.

Romero’s Prayer // Just a snippet from this stunning prayer: “We cannot do everything, and there is a sense of liberation in realizing that. This enables us to do something, and to do it very well. It may be incomplete, but it is a beginning, a step along the way, an
opportunity for the Lord’s grace to enter and do the rest.”

Sammy Rhodes // Future blog post on this, but I can’t get enough of Sammy Rhodes and his thoughts about embracing awkward.

Design Trends // Interesting and gorgeous infographic about design trends for 2014 by Shutterstock. So well done!

LOLO mag // I am so not fashion-forward, but I really love Lauren Scruggs’ style. Still LoLo is on my to-read list for 2014.

Leah & Pete // Prepare to be amazed. Beautiful, beautiful photos of a beautiful couple! Congratulations Leah and Pete! And amazing work, Justin!

The Blog Maven // Great resource for growing your blog.

Single Christian Girls // When I read the title of this website I started to feel my blood boil. I was anticipating yet another Christian website bemoaning the plight of being single and listing 108 things you are probably doing wrong/should start praying about if you want to get married before you are 108. I was SO pleasantly surprised to find that the girl who writes this website is a) normal, b) hilarious, and c) normal. It doesn’t happen often in single Christian circles. This post made my day – a great read if you want to punch someone in the face every time they mention “the gift of singleness.” THANK YOU for being the voice of reason, Claire! Keep up the great work (and don’t cross over to the dark side).

The Bachelor // I’m not even going to pretend that I wouldn’t be interested in The Bachelor if Juan Pablo wasn’t at the helm because let’s be honest, I probably would be anyway. It’s like the ultimate in people-watching. However, seeing as how Juan Pablo is now the most famous alumni of my beloved alma matter Roberts Wesleyan College, I’m pretty much glued to this season.

The Olympics // AKA the blessing that comes every 4 years to ease the pain of the end of football. It’s a nice transition, even though it’s also a transition away from Twitter/the Internet/any electronic media so as not to learn the results before the actual event airs. Really, there should be something like a parental control on advanced release of the results so those of us who love sports for the thrill of actually watching them without knowing the outcome do not feel like we are constantly on high alert to shut our eyes and start humming at any given moment to avoid seeing/hearing unwanted information.

No Contract // I really appreciate quality advertising, and T-Mobile nailed it with their new No Contract campaign starring Tim Tebow. “Nervous father’s the Mike!!!!!!” gets me every time. Very, very well done.

Football America // Alternatively titled: That Hour I Spent Sobbing On Sunday. Oh my word. I couldn’t handle life before it started (Super Bowl enthusiasm on overdrive) (shocking, I know) but by the time it ended I was done. “Why we love football” has to be one of the most accurate campaign taglines in advertising history. Amen, NFL. Unbelievably good work.

Dayton’s Coffee // I can officially live here: I found a place to get great whole bean coffee. Thank you, Dayton’s!!!

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  • There’s a great place in Lititz to get whole bean coffee, my high school swears by it! I forget the name, but it’s on between Locust and Pine St on Water St (if that made any sense! My Lititz geography is failing me, time to get back to PA!)

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