What I Love : January

What I Love : January


Here’s a brief and belated What I Love post for January!

Pinning 2014: So far, so good. and I’ve already pinned something to the Done in 2014 board! Also, good news! You can follow the 2014 inspiration board right from this here website. True story. Just go to the 2014 page to see a constantly updating list of 2014 inspiration.

The Daily Positive: Dale Patridge, founder of Sevenly, is rocking his new blog.

Southern Weddings: I’m always a fan, but this video documenting one of the features in the latest issue is SO beautiful!

HootSuite: Making my social media life more streamlined and more effective was one of the things I wanted to accomplish in 2014, and since free time is a hot commodity this month I decided to do this first. I’m loving HootSuite so far!

Open Your Eyes: If you want to be inspired, watch this video about Jake Olson.

Playoffs: Enough said.

January Football: Somehow I always forget how good the string of days between New Year’s Day and the National Championship are. It starts with the Rose Bowl, continues with more great bowl games and wildcard weekend in the NFL, and ends with the National Championship on Monday. It’s all so good.

Friends Season 10: I also forget how good this season of Friends is. It’s the season I’ve watched the least because I always pass it off as being not quite as good as all of the others seasons, but I randomly popped a disc in the other day and now I’m rewatching the whole season. It’s the season where Ross is fine! And with his tan! And when the sun comes up bright and beaming! All classics. I can’t believe I forget about these episodes.

Downton Abbey: Full disclosure: I’m writing this prior to watching the season premiere, but I’m anticipating that my anger over how the last season ended will be squelched as soon as the new season begins. (Even though I’m hoping against hope that Matthew emerges from the wreckage unscathed thanks to the miracle of television.)

Beth Moore: I haven’t read most of Beth Moore’s books, so I was really excited to snatch up so many great titles in this free eBook giveaway (which is still running until January 10th!).

Samsung and Lebron: Whoever spearheaded this campaign needs to be given a gold medal. I can’t get enough of these commercials!

Moving: This should probably demand the majority of my attention, but I have an affinity for seizing the last minute, so I’ll wait until mid-January to worry about moving. Which is about 3 days before I actually move.

What are you all loving this month?

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  • Thanks for posting the Beth Moore link. I found it yesterday but got distracted and forgot to download anything. My boss gave me her son’s kindle, so I’m excited to read everything! Any other book recommendations?

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