Christmas Videos and Unlikely Touchdowns

Christmas Videos and Unlikely Touchdowns

Below is our family Christmas video.

It looks shockingly similar to last year’s Christmas video, mostly because we are creatures of habit around here. We have breakfast, give presents, watch Christmas movies, make a big lunch/dinner, and watch more Christmas movies. It’s a finely tuned system in which we laugh/eat/laugh again/eat again, and the whole sequence takes place in comfy clothes by the fireside. So it’s really no wonder why we don’t change anything.

One more Christmas item checked off the list!

In other news, the Packers won a win-and-you’re-in game yesterday against the division rival Bears. This was all kinds of well with my soul. Aside from the given facts that it was like manna in the desert to see Rodgers back in action again (Randall Cobb, too!) and that Bears vs. Packers to win the division in the final week of the season is the stuff that NFL dreams are made of, I’ll remember the game because of this play, one of my favorites in Packers history.

Take a minute to watch this: Boykin Scoops Up Rodgers Fumble for TD

Even if you don’t care one bit about football, that play is worth watching and understanding. It’s a play that went bad quickly – Rodgers was hit from behind and lost control of the ball while he was throwing. The Bears assumed the play was over: incomplete pass. The Packers assumed the same thing, until the coaches on the sideline realized that the whistle hadn’t blown, so the play was still live. And no one – on either team – had picked up the fumbled ball. In brilliant execution of teamwork and quick thinking, Boykin picks up the loose ball and Rodgers, who was paying attention to his coaches on the sidelines, tells him to run it into the end zone. You can tell from Boykin’s reaction in the end zone that he wasn’t convinced he had actually scored; he ran it in without knowing whether or not it was a meaningful action.

Then the whistle blew. Touchdown.

People: that’s some good Monday motivation right there. A bad start doesn’t have to mean a bad finish. Don’t assume that what everyone else is doing is right. Pay attention. Listen to wise mentors. Help your teammates. Do your best even if you aren’t sure it’ll work or not. And mostly, take a piece of advice that every coach gives to every player: Play to the whistle. Don’t quit halfway through.

You just might score a touchdown of your own.

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