Non-News Flash : A Christmas Bucket List Update

Non-News Flash : A Christmas Bucket List Update

Things that have happened:

1. I (re)made fudge!


The first time was a fail. Too thick, and terrible impulse decision making (don’t put whole caramels in fudge). The second time was better, but I overcompensated. The fudge wasn’t quite thick enough to set all the way and the caramel sauce I made was a little too thin. But really, we’re talking about a mixture of sugar and chocolate and sugar. There is no bad in that.

2. I took real pictures!

Christmas Collage 2

3. I sent Christmas cards!

I have to tell you that Red Stamp saved me from sending out nice thoughts for Christmas. Really. I was pretty sure that was going to be the case until I found Red Stamp and made a card that I actually really liked and sent it out electronically like it was 1999! I think that’s a win on a multitude of fronts.

4. I (unintentionally) looked at lights!

This was thanks to being in the car with my dad at the wheel. He has a propensity to take “this other way he knows.” We saw a good portion of all the scenic routes in all the zip codes, complete with well-lit houses. Mission accomplished.

Still on the roster but not yet in the game: hot chocolate, Elf, Frozen, peppermint bark ice cream, and making a Christmas video. If the Christmas season is extended until January (and when I say if, I mean when), I think it’s doable.

How is all of your Christmas-ing going?

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