Snowy Blurry Christmas

Snowy Blurry Christmas

You may start sensing a theme around here. A theme that consists of Christmas…and more Christmas. And then some extra Christmas thrown in for good measure.

But good news!  I’m actually doing the things on my mini Christmas bucket list!

(Let’s all agree to not be surprised if the remainder of this month’s posts consist of direct reports on things from that list. Ok? Ok.)

We’ll start with these pictures from over the weekend – the weekend in which upstate New York received glad tidings of great joy for all of the snow-loving people. I could not have been happier to wake up on Saturday morning to over A FOOT of snow…and quickly took to documenting it. In my pajamas.

Good morning, neighbors!

I accidentally snapped one shot out of focus and liked it so much that I decided to shoot everything out of focus to pick up the snow flakes and the bokeh from the lights. Because why not! It was so pretty!

Breaking the rules. Always a good idea.

(Except for when it isn’t. Don’t go crazy with the felonies and such.)

Blurry Christmas Collage

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