A few things

A few things


1. I can’t stop listening to Dara Maclean’s new CD Wanted. It’s going to be the soundtrack to my life for the next few months. (And that’s high praise, since usually my playlist at this time of year is exclusive to decking halls and roasting chestnuts and fa la la la la-ing from dawn til dusk.)

2. This apartment description wins all the things: “Unpredictably roomy 3 bed 3 story home with enclosed rear courtyard.” Thank you, Craigslist. I could not stop laughing for the rest of the night after finding it because I kept envisioning rooms appearing as if from no where. We know that there are 3 beds, but the number of rooms? Unpredictable.

3. Samantha Steele Ponder, ESPN broadcaster and wife of Vikings QB Christian Ponder, has a new website called ProThirtyOne. Her first blog post about Truth and Twitter is a must-read.

4. Here’s a new Martie story, because they make the world go ’round. My mom uses a big wall calendar to keep track of events and appointments, and the other day I was looking at it and saw that she had written, “NO BIKES” on the square for her birthday. I thought maybe I was reading it wrong so I asked her what it meant, and she had no idea. She didn’t even remember writing it. Which just makes you wonder, Did she think we were planning on getting her a fleet of bikes for her birthday? Was she vehemently opposed to the appearance of any two-wheeled item on that day in particular for some reason? Maybe it’s motorcycles that she’s mad at, not bicycles? One can only venture vague guesses. Although my dad and I have had fun with answering any questions she asks with, “NO BIKES.”

5. This post from the Everyday Project on Annapolis & Company opened up a whole new world of adding text to photos for me…and I’m officially hooked. Be prepared to see a lot of these Instagrams making (weekly?) appearances over here! This one might be my favorite so far, maybe because this is one of my favorite verses: “What He gives in love is far better than anything else you’ll find,” James 4:6, MSG.

James 4:6

So very true.

What’s new with you guys? How’s life?!

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