Seven Things to Chat About

Seven Things to Chat About

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1. This week is my truck driver week of travel. I started at home (near Albany) made a pitstop in Canandaigua, then Rochester and Buffalo, then Herkimer, then Watertown, then down near NYC, then PA. To complete the truck driver analogy I stopped at a Wegmans along the way and picked up enough exciting new and beloved old items to consider it a sizable cargo haul, which brings me to my next point.

2. Favorite Wegmans haul: Way Better Snacks Pumpkin Cranberry Chips, Angie’s Holidrizzle Dark Chocolatier Sea Salt Kettlecorn, P28 Bagels, and the Chuao Ravishing Rocky Road Bar.

3. If travel season has taught me anything, it’s that I need to live near a Wegmans again. It’s essential.

4. I have officially arrived at the point in travel season in which my standards for life have reached new lows. Which is why on Tuesday I wore the same exact thing I wore all day Monday because the prospect of a) going out to my car to get something on a hanger and b) making a wardrobe choice was just too much. On Wednesday morning I decided I needed to up my game so I picked out something nice…and then realized there were multiple gigantic runs in the stockings I was planning on wearing. I wore them anyway. In my defense, the affected areas were mostly unseen. And it was better than resorting to the Monday/Tuesday look for a third round, right? That’s what I thought, too.

5. It might be Halloween…but Christmas music season has arrived in full force inside of my rental car. I used to be a wait-until-after-Thanksgiving person, but I have no self control this year. (I mean, see above. Clearly.) And I can’t come up with any good reason why Christmas should be controlled in the first place. So there is plenty of rocking around the Christmas tree while eating Holidrizzle popcorn while traversing the circumference of New York happening in my vehicle this week. It’s a pretty good situation.

6. Lest you think I’ve bypassed the other fall holidays, I should tell you that earlier today I went to Target (because I live there) and picked up a few items to make Halloween happen in my hotel room: a pumpkin bowl and some soup for dinner, and a pumpkin spice Glade plugin. I originally had the candle in my basket but then I had visions of the entire hotel being evacuated due to the candle setting the smoke alarms off so I went with the plugin instead. I also raided my admissions rolling bag for candy leftover from college fairs and came out with a Reese’s, a York, and a fun size bag of Skittles. And now I’m anxiously awaiting “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” because what else do you do on Halloween? It’s a classic!

7. So for those of you keeping score at home, this week I’m a truck driver with no regard for personal appearance who air freshens hotel rooms, hunts down old candy, and anticipates the arrival of Charlie Brown and Jingle Bells with equal fervor.

Someone sign me up for That’s a winning profile right there.

Happy Halloween, everyone! Hope you all are having a great one!

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