Liquids, Cremation, and Meth

Liquids, Cremation, and Meth

It’s been a busy couple of days on the road in New England, but two things made me laugh yesterday and I feel the need to share them.

First, I make coffee in a travel size french press when I’m in hotels, and yesterday as I was cleaning it out I noticed that one of the directions was worded differently than I expected:

“CAUTION: Children and hot liquids should be kept apart.”

Is it just me, or is that odd? Because when is the time that children and liquids of any temperature are specifically instructed to be kept together?

Second, on the drive to Connecticut late last night I was especially grateful for this billboard because it made me laugh out loud at the end of a long day:

“CREMATION: $995. Call today!”

I’m not sure who is driving down the highway, seeing that billboard, and thinking, “YES. Cremation! That’s what I’ve been meaning to do!” Not to be insensitive to those with cremation needs, but it just seems like a billboard placed in the middle of a quiet highway in Connecticut is a unique way to advertise.

In other travel news, a few days ago I passed a church sign lettered with this announcement: “BBQ – Meth Church – Friday at 7:00pm.”

I think they may be surprised at a few of the attendees who show up for a party at the meth church.

In ways like this, I hope America never changes. Because it’s just so much fun to live here.

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