Writing About Life Like I Live Life

Writing About Life Like I Live Life

Do you know what the great thing about direction is?

We can choose to go in a different one at any point in time.

Back in the day, I used to blog every day, just because I enjoyed it. I didn’t want to be a writer; I just liked to write down things about the day that made me think or laugh or rejoice. I also went through a season of posting on a strict schedule on a specific topic every day. There were times when I shared what I had for breakfast, and others when I shared only deep and meaningful insights, and others in between when I shared pictures of everything from oatmeal to mountains to beaches to television screens showing football games.

My blogging direction has been all over the map, one might say. (Literally and figuratively.)

So far on this new version of the website I’ve focused on only sharing posts that are substantial. More of Things That Make Me Think rather than Things That Happened Concerning Chocolate And More Chocolate. I thought that if I wanted people to take me seriously as a writer, I would need to write seriously as a writer.

But you know what?

I miss my personality. I miss writing on a daily basis, just like this, when I open up a post unsure of what exactly I’m going to say but knowing that it will take shape as something post-able in the end. I miss telling you guys inconsequential details like how much I’m loving Songza right now and how this blender is making my on-the-road life about a thousand times better and the various eateries activities that are on my Fall Travel Bucket List. I miss sharing life – all of life, not just the thought-provoking parts.

I think that’s who I am as a writer. I don’t think I can just do the serious side. I think I need the real life side, too. Like the time last week when I went on a high school visit for Admissions and felt like I had arrived at Chilton – marble spiral staircases and all. And how when I finally found the main door I was surrounded by locked glass doors and a gaggle of teenage boys starring at me from the other side, none of whom would look me directly in the eyes or look up while I was imploring “HEY. Let me in!”, leaving me to feel like I was in a zoo exhibit for admissions counselors.

Moments like that.

I live life with a sense of humor, with an unbridled zeal for the small things and the big things, too, and I love to share good stories about both. I want to get back to writing about life like I live life.

So that’s what I’ll be doing more of, at least for now, and continuing to tweak my direction as the road takes shape up ahead.

Sound good?

2 thoughts on “Writing About Life Like I Live Life”

  • “Things That Happened Concerning Chocolate And More Chocolate” made me laugh out loud in this airport. Hip Hip…..Hooray!

    • Haha – I’m so glad! Hope things happened concerning chocolate and more chocolate during your airport stop :) Safe travels!

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