Guest Post: Katie O’Keefe

Guest Post: Katie O’Keefe

Last week I had the opportunity to guest post on Katie O’Keefe’s blog, and today we’re so lucky to have her guest posting here!

You may remember a series on the old blog about building a beautiful home, and Katie was gracious enough to share her thoughts on the subject here today. You can find her sharing creative projects and thoughtful insights about life and faith on a daily basis at Katie O’Keefe – she’s definitely someone you’ll want to follow!

Thanks so much for today’s post, Katie!


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Growing up, one of my biggest role models was Martha Stewart. My mom would tape her show for me so I could watch it after my homework. Christmas lists were full of her how-to books and several times I got out a pen to “edit” her magazine. From early on, I had a clear idea in my head what was a “beautiful home” from her inspiring spaces.

Perhaps one of the most iconic things Martha talks about is her “good things” – creating, cooking, gardening and only allowing good things into her home. While Martha does represent a certain level of perfection, and I very much live a life of grace, not perfection, she does have a point with her good things.

When we look at our homes, lives and heart, what are we putting into them? Philippians 4:8 has been so heavy on my heart. The “whatsoevers” are such a wonderful description of what not only we should think about, but also what we should allow in our homes and hearts. Are you welcoming things that are true, noble, pure and lovely? Is your home full of good things?

Right now, I am in the very middle of Nancy Ray’s contentment challenge and I am going through our home, eliminating everything that is not useful, beautiful or good. The cleaning out is doing more than making our house look nicer, but it is really affecting my heart and helping me clean out things that don’t need to be there as well.

I have learned that in order to fill a space with the whatsoevers or good things, there has to be room. You have to make room for greater things. In order to have a beautiful home, you have to let go of the ugly to make room for the good. Then, you can fill your home with beautiful things, full of things that matter or are needed. To me, that is a beautiful home – a place filled with good things!

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