Things I Don’t Understand About Price Chopper

Things I Don’t Understand About Price Chopper

Originally posted here on October 11, 2012

For anyone who might have missed the newsflash that wasn’t too flashy, I moved back home a few weeks ago. Which means, among other things, that I moved from the land of Wegmans to the land of Price Chopper.

Which is not unlike moving from The Capitol to District 12, for all of youHunger Games fans out there.

In short: it’s not good.

While I was shopping the other day I noticed that there are several things I don’t understand about Price Chopper. Today we’ll discuss the first two in this series that is sure to go on indefinitely, or at least until I’m ready to stop mourning the loss of Wegmans (so, indefinitely).

And off we go:

1. Why do you hide the onions?

I realized yesterday that it always takes me a good three laps around the produce section to find the onions. Now, I’m not the brightest bulb in the box but I’m not exactly sharing real estate with the dimmest bulb, either. And I think it naturally follows that The Onions would be housed with their friends: The Garlic. Or possibly next door to The Potatoes. Or at the very least withany other vegetable.

But do you know why I can never find The Onions? Because The Onions live here:

Next to The Peaches. Of course.

I can see where this arrangement would be enviable if grocery stores were known to categorize their produce alphabetically. Not a bad model to follow if you’re also making a meal consisting of lima beans and quince. But since grocery stores are not often arranged in that manner…why is this happening? Why, Price Chopper?


(And no offense to The Onions, but I don’t think it’s a great idea for the two to be fraternizing. The Peaches, you know, they’re followers. Easy to rub off on. Not ideal an ideal arrangement, I’d say.)

2a. Why is this a sign?

2b. Why is this what’s under the sign?

I never knew Arnold Palmer’s and Green Tea were so modern.

All of that to say: Wegmans, I miss you.

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