Today in links

Every once in awhile I stumble on a veritable deluge of things I feel should be shared with the world immediately if not sooner. Today is one of those whiles.

  • Many years ago, in a world before Pinterest, there was a tangible entity called an “inspiration board.” It was a thing of beauty. Thankfully, they’ve made a comeback in this appearance on Martha Stewart’s blog.
  • Just when you think the Internet can’t get any better, you find a website like Coffee Cup Fortunes.
  • Speaking of coffee – two things. 1. This morning I was eating breakfast and felt
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A truer story

I knew I liked Lauren Venn as soon as I read her About page. It was so disarmingly honest. Her whole blog is like that – she does not pull a single punch. I’m on an unexpected but welcomed truth kick in life, so I find myself appreciating people who tell it like it is even more than I usually appreciate them.

This post in particular struck a chord with me, which is what happens when you read a blog post and find yourself shouting “YES!” in agreement after every sentence. Here’s a portion:

We’ve all come prepackaged with insecurities

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28 Collage

I turned 28 a few days ago (although according to some sources, I actually turned 29). And since I love nothing more than a good round of reflection, I came up with this list of 28 things that have happened so far in life that I’m really happy about. It’s not an exhaustive list, and I’m sure 5 minutes after I hit Publish I’ll think of 10 more things to add, but these are the ones that have come to mind so far.

In no particular order:

28 Things I’m Really Glad I Did

  1. Smashed 1/4 of an avocado
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On the mainland

2013-10-22 16.54.00

I absolutely loved  doing a travel season for admissions last fall.  It was the definition of a perfect job for me. I got paid to drive all over the northeast in a gorgeous rental car, spending every day surrounded by fall foliage, ESPN radio, city lights, and Pandora soundtracks. I got to interact with people in a way I’m good at: meeting strangers, making a positive first impressive, and exchanging concrete data (majors and numbers) with a dash of harmless personal information (short stories and anecdotes about why Roberts is such a special place). At the end of every … Continue reading

Football for Normal Girls : What it means to love a team

I willingly admit that I am an irrationally passionate football fan.

Irrational is probably an apt word to describe feelings of intense despair over the loss of a football game, but after the Packers playoff loss yesterday it’s safe to say that I’m drowning my sorrows in a side of ice cream with every meal.

And then some.

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