Links I’ve been hoarding for you

Links I’ve been hoarding for you

Every now and again when I find a link I want to share with you all I open up a new browser window and start collecting tabs.

And every now and again I completely forget that I’ve been collecting tabs and wind up with eight different windows and 112 links I’ve been hoarding since March.

Thus, today’s list of things you might be vaguely interested in.

Blog Things

If you’ve been looking for a few new things to read, here’s a list of 10+ blogs you might like from Erin at Design for Mankind.

I’m just going to go ahead … Continue reading

Dear People Who Like To Read Things On The Internet

Dear People Who Like To Read Things On The Internet

This is 100% a copout for an actual post with real words and thoughts. I’m not even kind of going to hide it. But since we’re all in the midst of a long weekend, I thought now would be an ideal time to share the list of links I’ve been compiling since I “started blogging again”* in September.

*That was a two-post streak, so here’s to this streak outlasting that one by at least one post. #dreambig

If you find yourself at an Alessia-Cara-style party tonight, here are a few good things to keep you entertained until your people are … Continue reading