A few fun facts

Plus some legitimate “about” information thrown in for good measure

  1. A few years ago my friend Lindsey suggested that my next blog should be called Olive the Things because a) I love olives more than some people love people and b) “all of the things” was a well-worn personal phrase of mine long before it became A Thing. It’s probably also the best description of what you’ll find here: quite literally a mix of all of the things, most likely including actual olives from time to time.
  2. My address is still bekawatts.com, though, because there’s only so much time in a day.
  3. Blogging and I have been on an ill-defined, Ross-and-Rachel-style break for the past three years or so. I was seeing other people named More-Than-Full-Time Job and My Life Is An Airport Security Checkpoint and How Am In My 30’s? It was all very good, but I’m glad to be back here at the end of it, talking to you guys about important things like chicken soup and popsicles again.
  4. Aside from olives, I also have a deep and abiding love for the Green Bay Packers, Friends, Gilmore Girls, snow, Bruster’s Graham Central Station ice cream, and food magazines (the day the new Bon Appetit comes is my favorite mail day of every month).
  5. One time I spontaneously dyed my hair red. Then, I wrote a post about using blue and green food coloring to dye it back. Three years later, it’s still the most popular piece I’ve ever written, anywhere. By a landslide. I literally get emails about this post all the time from other accidental red heads looking for tips and tricks.
  6. If you need a go-to recipe, please pick this soup. Let it replace the perfunctory company lasagna in your freezer, and let the people rejoice.
  7. Thanks for being here. This blog has been through about seventy thousand iterations, and I’m thankful that people like you keep coming back to see what’s new. I’m really glad you’re here.