There was a time in the now-distant past in which I used to keep up with a fairly high volume of blogs. Google Reader (RIP) was my second inbox and somehow, I hit inbox zero on a regular basis. And while it may sound like a completely ridiculous thing, it was actually a truly lovely thing in which I got to know a lot of truly lovely people  – several of whom crossed over from Internet Life into Real Life.

Kate Conner is not someone I know in real life. I know her only from reading her blog for … Continue reading

Greetings from the Old-Testament-Style Blogging Drought

Remember a year and a half ago when I told you to lower your expectations until further notice? Apparently I wasn’t kidding. What began as a blogging dry spell became a blogging drought of biblical proportions. The reasons are plentiful and the chances are good that someday, I’ll unpack them (because we all know how much I love a good reflection post).

But for now, you should know that, just as I mentioned way back when in December 2014, I’m going to publish this lackluster post. And unlike December 2014, I plan to publish another one before a full … Continue reading

Lower your expectations until further notice

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 10.22.29 PM

That tweet is a fitting summary of the past few days. Home is the place where life happens in all of its unedited glory.

“Unedited” is pretty much the opposite of what’s going down over here on the other side of this blog post. I think I have blogger’s block. I can think of things to write about, kind of, but only in Boring Book Report fashion: “On my trip home for Thanksgiving I did various things, such as watch snow fall, chop wood, and eat pie. It was not unlike the first Thanksgiving, minus the hats with buckles and … Continue reading

Tune my heart

Thing that has never happened before: going two months without blogging.

Other thing that has never happened before: traveling through Africa, India, the Middle East, and the Caribbean in the span of two months.

It’s a pretty good trade, I’d say.

I usually come home from trips with some sort of all-consuming craving. Last time, it was for bacon. This time, it’s the need to make stuff. My waistline isn’t complaining.

Here’s a quick peek into this morning’s project, inspired by hymn lyrics I’ve been mulling over since coming home.

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Today in links

Every once in awhile I stumble on a veritable deluge of things I feel should be shared with the world immediately if not sooner. Today is one of those whiles.

  • Many years ago, in a world before Pinterest, there was a tangible entity called an “inspiration board.” It was a thing of beauty. Thankfully, they’ve made a comeback in this appearance on Martha Stewart’s blog.
  • Just when you think the Internet can’t get any better, you find a website like Coffee Cup Fortunes.
  • Speaking of coffee – two things. 1. This morning I was eating breakfast and felt
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