Adventures in dangerous tennis

It’s no secret that I’m not really wired for complex athletic endeavors. “Complex” meaning anything other than walking and sometimes running. However, I may have arrived at a new low over the weekend.

My roommate Jenny and I decided to play racquetball on Sunday. Jenny is probably the most athletically skilled person I know in real life. She’s one of those people who has an inherent understanding of hand-eye-body coordination. Surprising to no one, I’m not one of those people. What I have is an inherent understanding that I do not have hand-eye-body coordination, which explains my perpetual all-enthusiasm-no-skill … Continue reading

The future might not be terrible!

I have all the qualities of an optimist and none of the follow-through.

I love being optimistic about the present. I’m habitually and absurdly content with whatever my present circumstances are. I can find microscopic amounts of good and potential good in almost anything that is actually happening.

But my optimism about the future leaves something to be desired, namely optimism. To me, the future is a foggy abyss I want nothing to do with. The future is an uncertain time steeped in high amounts of potential catastrophe and the certain demise of everyone and everything I love. So, basically, … Continue reading

Chicken, Three Ways (including “The Soup”)

Let’s talk about a kitchen victory like no other: using one thing for multiple purposes.

This is not a new revelation. The New York Times is not going to call me to discuss my groundbreaking use of poultry. This is, however, the first time I’ve:

  1. Bought a whole chicken and roasted it for dinner
  2. Roasted the carcass* to make chicken stock
  3. Used the stock to make soup

I felt like a pioneer. I never watched Little House on the Prairie, but it seemed like Laura Ingalls Wilder would have been proud.

It all started with a real chicken from a … Continue reading

On small changes

We’ve been on a bit of a Fixer Upper kick around here. I was watching the show one day, which intrigued one of my roommates, who then watched more episodes and read The Magnolia Story and went on a pilgrimage to Waco (and/or she was already going there and the Silos just happen to be there too… basically the same thing.) My other roommate is Chip Gaines. So home improvement vibes have abounded as of late.

We’ve been talking about painting the living room for a long time, but starting to paint is kind of like starting to work out. … Continue reading

573 words on the Nice Black Shoes

I’ve learned a thing or two in my 30 years of life, and one of those things is this: comfort > style.

I’m not exactly rolling into work in my pajamas or anything, but let’s just say I’ve embraced a flexible definition of the word “pants.” So yesterday morning, when I was deciding what to wear and I wanted to go with the Nice Black Shoe option, I came to a crossroads.

I like the Nice Black Shoes from Target, but the Nice Black Shoes don’t like me. By mid-day I’m always cursing my choice of footwear, … Continue reading